Welcome to THE GROUP NLD™, your discrete and effective partner for Global Security & Asset Protection Services. We provide a full-service management in the areas of Security, Training and Risk Management, and have extensive personnel resources. Our services are tailored to fit the needs of the international (business) community as well as private persons.
We have developed a broad package of services, offering dedicated personnel, training and development & implementation of Risk Management solutions. In a close co-operation with our network of specialists we guarantee a custom-made solution to any question asked.
Based on skills, knowledge and experience THE GROUP NLD™ provides the best solutions to security and protection related problems, worldwide!                                                                                           
We guarantee:
■ Fully professional staff
■ Professional support
■ Creative solutions
■ One-Stop-Shopping
■ Integrity & Discretion
Our mission is to provide a range of services which enable our clients to operate in hostile environments, find solutions to security and risk management problems and resolve crisis.
Our Head office is based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,
gateway to The Netherlands and Main land Europe.
THE GROUP NLD™has full acces to discrete training facilities for (government) organizations.
The Group is a Signatory Company of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) of the Swiss Government. We confirm in public our responsibility to respect the human rights of, and fulfill humanitarian responsibilities towards all those affected by our business activities, and as a Signatory Company we have committed to operate in accordance with the ICoC.  www.icoc-psp.org 

International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. 
The Group NLD is recognized, approved  and insured by LLoyds London.

In our organisation there are indivudual members of the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals (IAMSP).
We value quality, integrity and transparency, therefore we did the first very successful steps towards an ISO certification for our company and our services.
Selected member of:   
Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security: www.nidv.eu