In close cooperation with our teaming partners we are offering our advise-, consultancy- and security services in Africa.
There is a big gap in the market (especially Africa) for a professional, Para-military anti-poaching unit that has a holistic approach from prevention to capture. The proposed venture is Innovative, Relevant and most definitely Viable! It will include a combination of aerial surveillance, community infiltration and active apprehension (including aerial insertion, stealth pursuing etc). Other added advantages is that it will be a self-sustainable commercial model by incorporating two other wildlife elements: Wildfire protection and Eco-Tourism, and a farm watch unit (farm murders are happening at an alarming rate). The last leg is the development of new surveillance systems (to be patented by us) specifically developed for the above application (anti-poaching), but also capable of being deployed in crowd control and hostile applications. Capabilities for a Rapid Deployment Maritime Ranger Unit to control the RSA coastal line is also in progress.
Poaching of our rhino must be stopped
The illegal trafficking of wildlife now ranks as the 3rd largest criminal industry in the world. The current situation, fed by greed and destruction, is far greater that the resources deployed to fight it.
Almost weekly one reads of another heart-breaking story of rhino being killed for their horns, which have now become more valuable than gold and diamonds. It would appear that merchants, prepared to pay exorbitant prices and, often originating from the Far East, are the main culprits as well as the bloodthirsty, well-paid poachers, their agents and the couriers and others in a US dollar-based add-on criminal massacre.
A dead rhino lies on the ground after approximately 9 gunmen armed with automatic rifles
poached the two white rhino and cut off their horns on the Potgieter game farm close to Vaalwater, Limpopo.
One can only feel immense rage, despair, and sympathy for the callous, macabre and cold-blooded shooting and immense suffering of these divine, amazing and defenceless creatures and their young.
An article recently in SANparks’ “Wild” magazine which gives the statistics and growing numbers of rhinos killed in the country which, incidentally, has the highest population of any rhino species in the world.  It tells the story of Ezemvelo’s veterinary scientist, Dave, selflessly cancelling his annual leave, assisted by dedicated rangers, helicopter pilot and others, darting and saving a rhino calf whose mother had been shot and barbarically dehorned in Opathe game reserve located adjacent to “The Valley of the Kings”, in northern Zululand. This was not the first calf orphaned in this manner. A photograph received recently showing a grieving baby white rhino standing with its head against the head of its dead, de-horned and bloodied mother is heart rending.
Imagine the total sadness and despair that this poor baby animal was suffering. Would it ever trust a human again?
The hunting of rhino was once forbidden in Zulu lore. Are they losing the battle'? Dave expresses his growing despair. Statistically, l believe, more than 30 rhino have been slaughtered this year alone in Ezemvelo Parks and game “sanctuaries”, 315 known cases country-wide last year and 2011 on the way to surpassing this statistic by a long way!

It is time for this country, its responsible people and the government to act, and act fast before the last black and white rhinoceros are forever lost in history! Dead as a “(Dodo) Rhino?” Think about it? The thought brings tears to my eyes. This is by no means an idiotic or far-fetched statement and bares an awful reality. We CANNOT leave it any longer to the dedicated few who we owe so much to!
The illigal rhino horn is used as a traditional medicines in China and Vietnam.
But Rhino Horn is not a medicine ! These agressive poachers needs to be stopped. We believe our LRRP units are able to do this.
In close cooperation with our partner company SOT International > The Group NLD U.A. is able to assist the Local and National Authorities and some local operating NGO's (Non Governmental Organization) to establish an new Ranger Training Academy, with the same Long Range Ranger Patrol concep.
This great facility will be named:
Uganda Special Conservation Training Academy - USCTA     
We already have a 7000ha landsite area owned by our partner Ziwa Rhino Sanctury, near Masindi and Nakasongola in place.
The Group NLD is able to assist African operating Oil & Mining companies / Organisations to establish their Security Organisation at site. We deliver former Dutch Special Forces Instructors to educate, train and support them with operational requirements.
Some activities are:
- Convoy Protection
- Cargo / Valuables Protection
- Security Training
- Security Management
The Group NLD™ / The Group Middle East LLC i.d. is providing security and advise for (Dutch) NGO's and a (Dutch) training university in Afghanistan. Students of these NGO's will receive  the 'Out of Area' training to prepare themselfs...
The Group is offering the 'Dutch Approach' security solutions to clients and prospects.