Satellite Communication Systems
The Group NLD U.A. represents satellite communication systems. Our solutions vary from small handheld satellite terminals using compression software for efficient email correspondence or internet access to compact transportable systems for quick deployment bringing breaking news high quality video to the newsroom or providing a continuing situation awareness to the central command post from anywhere in the world.
Our markets include Media, Governmental organizations, Aid organizations and Utility companies. Private customers find a range of products for their travels in remote locations.
Satellite communications to support your mission
Satellite solutions helps NGO's and other organizations operating in isolated locations where terrestrial communications are poor or non-existent due to conflict or natural disaster.  We enable field workers to set up emergency telecoms centers or field offices in minutes, optimize emergency aid processes, and boost the efficiency of humanitarian missions. But also cosf-efficient communications for fixed long term field offices is part of our portfolio.
Why use satellite communications?
  • Instant connection: light, easy-to-use solutions that speed up your rescue and relief operations. Independent from potentially damaged or congestioned terrestrial networks.
  • Remote office: keep long-term mission teams in touch in isolated areas.
  • Mobility: easy to set up and handy to carry equipment for aid workers on the move.
  • Security: ensure team's security in rural areas by having satelite phones available immediately.
Amongst our partners are large worldwide enterprises like Inmarsat, Thrane & Thrane, Stratos Global, Vizada and Rockwell Collins that guarantees high quality services and solutions.
We deliver equipments for the following SATCOm networks:
  • Thuraya
  • Iridium
  • Inmarsat
  • Broadband/VSAT