"Out of Area" Training 
for NGO's, Media, Governmental Organisations and Companies
The Group NLD provide specialised training for Non-Governmental Organisations, Governments, Media/Journalists and Companies to become trained and prepared in hostile and remote areas of the World.
It can be Afghanistan, the African continent, Haiti or elsewhere…..
The attendee will receive a full or modular based training to be able to operate and work safely in dangerous areas. Mines, violence, kidnapping, etc. This will give the attendee a rational attitude and self-confidence, and it will increasing the personal and professional effectiveness in the field.
Training and education is not limited to:
  • Mission planning
  • Knowledge about equipment and personal gear
  • Country (area of operations) information
  • Kidnapping / abduction / hostage taking / prisoning
  • Escape & Evasion
  • What to do under siege of enemy/hostile fire
  • Road Block procedures
  • Movements in hostile territory
  • Ambush
  • Care under Fire (CUF) - Medical training
  • Cooperation with an interpreter 
  • Battle Damage Repair (BDR) on vehicles
  • Mobility Training - Special Driving Procedures
  • Terrain & Navigation
  • Convoy Protection
  • IED and IED Counter Measures
  • Agression Training / Self Defence
  • How to deal and handle with stress situations
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