Maritime Security:
Within another company structure it was the management of our company who was the first in 1997 in The Netherlands who started to focus at the maritime piracy problems.  We did not started our maritime security services due to incidents in the Gulf of Aden, we were busy long before this security situation started to be an international problem. We are ahead of all competitors who started in more recent times.
How can THE GROUP NLD be of assistance?  
Our investigations have shown that the modern-day pirate will select a vulnerable target e.g. valuable, high risk, slow moving, low waterline, flags of convenience and undermanned vessels, rather than take the risk involved in attacking a vessel which has an obvious form of deterrent, such as visible manpower and the display of pirate prevention equipment.  
While the victims suffer pain, death and debt, pirates profit and escape through loopholes in the law, or into international waters.The undeterred attacks by pirates against unarmed vessels worldwide effects us all. The consumer eventually pays the rising transportation costs. The use of Maritime Security Consultants will contribute to a safer working environment for the international seagoing community. Reliability of the shipping company will be enhanced thereby enabling deadlines to be met.  
The Group NLD exists to solve the problems of the international maritime community. Our main objective as a maritime consultancy is to prevent attacks on seagoing vessels. This is achieved by providing our clients with customised solutions to their security problems. We will make use of the most effective state-of-the-art technology. After conducting a successful security audit we aim to provide a total package of security and safety for our existing and future clients.   
Inconclusion The Group NLD Maritime consultancy package will identify any liabilities and prevent compromising information at source.  Allassignments will be subjected to the utmost care and discretion. Our MarSec teams always have ISPS code certified SSO, PFSO, CSO specialists on board. Marcom A & B available, Seamen certified, Medical Specialist.
Backgrounds of our operators: former (Maritime) Special Forces, former Dutch National Police (KLPD), former  Military Police (Kmar), Seamen, e.g.
THE GROUP NLD maritimesecurity provides: 
  • Information and advice on maritime security and it’s safety.
  • Maritime Disaster Prevention Training
  • Piracy Prevention Procedures
  • Risk / Threat Analyses
  • Crisis Management Procedures
Why is our maritime security service successful?  
  1. The use of our Maritime Security Teams create a safer working environment and improves seafarer’s moral.
  2. Our extensive marine and security knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry.
  3. Our staff are specifically trained in preventative measures and all have a maritime security (most governmental) background.
  4. Potential environmental disaster due to piracy will be eliminated.
  5. The loss and damage to ships and their cargo will be eliminated,
     our client shipping companies being able to deliver their cargoes on time.
6.  Our client shipping companies reputations as reliable carriers is enhanced.
7.  Ultimately we can assist in maximising your profitability, by removing   the risk of losses, claims and   increased insurance premiums.
In our organisation there are indivudual members of the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals (IAMSP)
The Group is an approved Signatory Company of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) of the Swiss Government.We confirm in public our responsibility to respect the human rights of, and fulfill humanitarian responsibilities towards all those affected by our business activities, and as a Signatory Company we have committed to operate in accordance with the ICoC.  www.icoc-psp.org
International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
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