The Group NLD is closely cooperating with its partner BOTC at the former Royal Airforce Base Laarbruch.
The training center in Weeze used to be a British military basis, but is now used as an extensive training ground. With 38 hectare it offers a complete range of training facilities. There is a housing area with 300 houses including a collapsed house used for training the search for and rescue of victims under debris after earthquakes or other disasters. A rail road with a chemical & passenger wagon are used for hazmat scenarios. We developed scenarios for terrorist attacks and CBRN detection and sampling using the existing power plant and swimming pool including water purification area. Further, we have objects like a petrol station, school, cafeteria, hospital, a 1500-road and several other commercial buildings for training purposes. The existing infrastructure of the former military basis, roads, bushes/trees and the urban area makes this center unique in Europe. 
Fire service 
- fire fighting in a house, school, petrol station, garage, supermarket; 
- command & control; 
- incidents and disasters with dangerous goods, in power station, water purification area near the swimming pool; 
- evacuations;
- water incidents; 
- CBRN detection and sampling .

Emergency Medical Services 
- traffic accident rescue;
- incidents and disasters with dangerous goods;
- incidents in industrial areas;
- search and rescue of victims;

- large scale evacuations;
- rescue diving/team building; 
- urban search and rescue;
- terrorist attacks;
- simulation large scale events; 
- entering buildings;
- arresting; 

- preparation for international missions;
- urban search and rescue;
- rescue diving;
- evening/night exercises; 
- explorations; 
Security Services
- basic security training
- advanced security training
- psd training courses
- specialist driving courses
- out of area training (see web page)
- management training courses