The Group NLD is growing and we are always looking for new qualified personel to join our specialized teams. We believe our operators are our most sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore we need people that can work in a team environment, who demonstrate a passion for their work and who can contribute to our continuing success. Vacancies will be published on this website. 
At this moment there are no vacancies
If you are of the opinion that your qualities are of interest to our company, please (only) send us your detailed resume (C.V.) by e-mail to info@thegroup-nld.com
When appropriate we will set up two-day selections at our facilities in Germany. Candidates will then be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.
Only by invitation and proper C.V. selection. 
We are a Dutch Company. Therefore we cooperate mainly with Dutch nationals. Specialist operators of other nationalities are more than welcome to send their CV to info@thegroup-nld.com

Requirements THE GROUP NLD U.A.

As an operator you have a lot to offer: Teamwork is second-nature, as are independent operation and the ability to make decisions. In addition, you have many skills that facilitate a broad range of deployment. It goes without saying that you are physically and mentally above average, highly motivated and able to work safely within strict guidelines. Irregular working hours and deployment abroad are of course "normal" in our line of work.

-Age: 28 t / m 45 years
-Minimum 4 years experience in a combat unit
-Length: 1,65 m - 2,00 m maximum
-No glasses
-No fear of heights/water/claustrophobia etc.
-Stress resistant
-High sense of responsibility
-Representative, customer oriented
-Full Driving license
-Speak, read and write fluent English
-Medically fit

Exceptions to the above are possible.

Details: A number of tests, including self-defense, WPN knowledge and skills, a psychological assessment, medical and safety studies are part of the selection or appointment conditions.

Note: The Group also uses "independent operators".

How we select:

-Reference/CV check

-Intake / interview

-Practical/physical tests

-Medical examination

-Screening good behavior/background