Body Armour Like a Second Skin
"Body Armor Like a Second Skin" --> BALSS.
"I've Got BALSS".
The body armour is like the Ferrari in this armour branch, this is no equal composition.
It is the lightest version in the world. And it protects the whole body !
Why B.A.L.S.S. ?
  • Soft Armor is close to the body by use of super stretch fabrics
  • Optimized in shape towards the body movement allowing agility / movability
  • Larger effective area of protection since body armor is close to the body
  • Special capabilities and technologies are available to ad into this armor suit for the “Soldier Improvement Program” (only NATO and US)
  • Most covert approach !
Who should consider B.A.L.S.S. ?
  • Diplomatic Security Services
  • Military/SWAT/Executive Protection
  • Special Forces
  • Other Governmental Organizations